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Friday, Jan 24, 2014

From Lab to Landscape: Integrated Infectious Disease Research

Free Registration:


SUNY ESF, Gateway Building
Syracuse, NY

With a focus on multidisciplinary aspects of infectious diseases and environmental health, the symposium will feature distinguished speakers from research, academia, and public health practice. Topics will include current research on factors associated with the burden of emerging diseases of people and wildlife including:

  • ecological and climatic drivers
  • social and behavioral determinants
  • vector ecology and control
  • vaccine development and challenges
  • public health surveillance and interventions. 


For more information please contact, Michelle Scott, LPN at scottmic@upstate.edu

This event is sponsored by SUNY "Conversations in the Disciplines" (CID)

About the Center

Our global vision

The Center for Global Health and Translational Science is a research center focused on diseases of the developing world. It incorporates the efforts and programs of both basic science researchers and clinical investigators across the entire continuum of translational research. This Center has partnerships with industry, academic institutions, and philanthropists; raises research funds; conducts novel research and develops new diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines.


The mission of the Center for Global Health and Translational Science is to execute directed translational research to develop products for the greatest challenges of global health - tropical diseases and cancers.

Our Values

Promote healthcare services and research while maintaining the following standards:

  • The right of all people to enjoy the best health possible while maintaining their dignity.
  • Global access to health care.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the conditions that affect health globally.
  • Provide an integrated approach to health in teaching, research, and practice.
  • Foster an environment of critical thinking, reciprocity in teaching and learning.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards, transparency, integrity and generosity.

Research Focus

The focus of the Center is development of animal models, drugs, diagnostics and vaccines for global health diseases and emerging pathogens. The translational research continuum includes discovery research, pre-clinical laboratory studies, animal studies and regulated human use trials.

Our Goals

  • Increase understanding of global health issues locally as well as the broader national and international community.
  • Generate a new fund of knowledge regarding global health issues.
  • Effect positive impacts on the current state of global health, working with national and international partnerships.
  • Impact multiple levels of health care professionals, such as Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists.