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  1. Written examinations primarily will cover the factual material presented in lectures, the textbook and the Microscopic Anatomy syllabus. Practical examinations will require that you examine particular slides with your microscope and that you answer questions about Kodachrome slides projected in the lecture hall. The questions asked on practical examinations may relate to material covered in lecture, a reading assignment or slide study. The ability solely to identify the tissue or organ will not enable you to pass the practical examinations. To pass, you must have a broad knowledge of the subject matter presented in the Microscopic Anatomy course.

  2. Review sessions for the entire class usually will be held before each examination. The faculty member who lectures on a given unit will give the review on that unit. A schedule will be posted giving the start time, topic and faculty member(s) who will give a review. Attendance will be optional.

  3. The criterion for passing Microscopic Anatomy will be a cumulative final score of 725 points out of the total 1035 points for the entire course. Students who receive a cumulative final score of 724 points or less will receive the grade of F and will be required to repeat Microscopic Anatomy during the summer at another institution. (These cumulative scores will be used unless there is a significant decrease in the class average.) To receive an Honors grade, the student should rank no lower than the upper 15% (upper 15th percentile) and have a final cumulative score of no less than 931 points. To receive the grade of High Pass, the student should rank no lower than the second 15th percentile (between the upper 30% and upper 15% rank).


Any request for changes in a student's grade on a given exam or the final grade assigned to a student must be brought to the attention of the course coordinator within two weeks of the completion of Exam I and Exam II (i.e. on or before May 5, 2006 for Exam I and May 26, 2006 for Exam II) and within three weeks of the final examination (i.e. on or before June 23, 2006).


No exam dates will be changed for any reason unless there is a school-wide cancellation of classes, e.g. blizzard, power outage, etc.

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