Heidi A Hehnly, PhD

Heidi A Hehnly, PhD
Appointed 07/01/15
107 Weiskotten Hall
766 Irving Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210

315 464-5540

Current Appointments

Hospital Campus

  • Downtown

Research Programs and Affiliations

  • Biomedical Sciences Program

Education & Fellowships

  • Fellowship: University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2015, Pharmacology
  • Fellowship: University of Massachusetts Medical Center, 2014, Molecular Medicine
  • PhD: University of Iowa College of Medicine, 2009, Physiology
  • BS: University of Rochester, 2003, Biochemistry

Previous Appointments

  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2014–2015
  • University of Massachusetts Medical Center, 2010–2015

Research Interests

  • Using live-cell imaging and biochemical approaches our laboratory examines the interface between cytoskeletal dynamics, mitotic signaling, and membrane transport during cell division

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The Hehnly Laboratory focuses on the relationship between cytoskeletal dynamics, vesicle transport, and localized signaling events, employing both microscopy and biochemical approaches. The overal question of the Hehnly Lab is how the microtubule organizing center, or centrosome, regulates cell functions that include mitotic spindle assembly, cell polarity, vesicle trafficking, and primary cilia formation. Studies stemming from this identified that the centrosome, specifically a substructure of the centrosome called mother centriole appendages, directly modulates and organizes a specific components of the endocytic pathway and a mitotic-kinase, Plk1. These studies create a unique scientific niche to examine how the centrosome, and its appendage-like substructures, are required for regulating membrane trafficking and Plk1-dependent signaling.

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