The Heart of the Matter

georgi duprey with family

Last spring, 57-year-old Georgi Duprey of Ogdensburg, NY, was in extra-high gear, juggling her career as a health teacher with her cherished, hands-on role as grandmother. Then one morning, during a spring-break visit with a daughter in Baldwinsville, NY, Georgi was gripped by sudden, stabbing chest pains. "Without skipping a beat, my daughter said, 'I'm taking you to Upstate.'"

Forty-five minutes after entering the Emergency Department at Upstate University Hospital, "I was having three stents placed in two blocked arteries," Georgi reports. "The last thing I remember saying, as they wheeled me off
to the cadiac catheterization lab, was 'Tell the little ones I love them.'"

A few months later, Georgi delivered that message in person (with hugs and kisses), when her six grandsons — and two brand-new granddaughters — assembled at the family cottage on the St. Lawrence River. "I was so lucky to be with them — and so lucky to have been taken to Upstate when I had the heart attack," says Georgi. "The skills, knowledge, and passion of their heart team made all the difference."

Knowing changes everything.