Occupational Therapy

Contact: Lori Holmes, Director
Location: Upstate University Hospital, 2E
Phone: 315 464-2300

Upstate's Occupational Therapy Department is an integral member of the multidisciplinary Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department located within University Hospital.

The occupational therapist is committed to the therapeutic use of purposeful activities for patients. Our goal is to maximize the individual's functional capabilities and independence by reducing the effects of disabilities caused by physical or psychological dysfunction. The use of exercise, meaningful activity, and adaptive equipment promotes strength, coordination, visual perception, and cognition necessary for independent functioning in daily life.

The occupational therapist and the patient and family work together to determine the most appropriate activity for that patient. Achievable goals are established to encourage a positive focus and to reinforce the progress made by the patient.

Occupational Therapy services are available to both inpatients and outpatients to meet the specific needs of the patient.

  • Developmental evaluation; school re-entry
  • Functional living assessment (evaluation of patient's maximal level of function and discharge recommendations)
  • Adaptive equipment assessment/durable medical equipment
  • Strengthening and endurance for daily living activities
  • Cognitive evaluation
  • Energy conservation/work simplification teaching
  • Upper extremity prosthetic training
  • Family training and education for consistent home management upon discharge

The Occupational Therapy Department is located on 2E at University Hospital and at 550 Harrison Center. Evaluation and treatment may be accessed through direct physician referral via IBAX system or prescription.