TrueBeam system, an advanced radiotherapy technology

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Introducing TrueBeam

The TrueBeam™ system is the latest advance in radiotherapy technology from Varian Medical Systems. And now this same advanced cancer treating system currently available at the Upstate Cancer Center, is available right here, "Close to home" in Oswego or Oneida.

Patient Information

TrueBeam opens the door to new possibilities for the treatment of challenging cases such as cancers in the lung, breast, abdomen, and head and neck as well as other cancers that are treatable with radiotherapy.

The TrueBeam system’s advanced imaging and powerful treatment modes allow doctors to tailor treatments specific to your particular cancer.

Treatments with TrueBeam are fast. Most can be given within just minutes a day. Treatments that once took 10 to 30 minutes can now be completed in less than two minutes. In addition to enabling a more comfortable experience for the patient with less time on the treatment couch, faster delivery also allows for reduced chances of tumor motion during treatment, which helps protect nearby healthy tissue and critical organs.


Before and at any point during a treatment, the TrueBeam system can generate the three-dimensional images used to fine-tune cancer targeting in much less time (and with less X-rays) than was possible with earlier technologies. These images can be used to fine-tune a patient's position prior to and during the treatment process.

TrueBeam was also designed to enhance the patient experience. Thanks to an advanced communications system, the therapist running the system can be in constant contact with you. It's almost as if they are there in the treatment room with you. And as part of this enhancement, TrueBeam has a music feature, which enables music to be played during treatment.

In short:

  • TrueBeam is a powerful system that opens up treatment options for complex cancers
  • TrueBeam is fast and precise
  • TrueBeam was developed to address patient comfort