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Library Resources

Upstate Health Sciences Library

The SUNY Upstate's Health Sciences Library located in Weiskotten Hall on the Upstate campus is a valuable resource for our patients and their families. It is open daily and patients are welcome to visit the library in person or via the internet from the comfort of their own home. As one of the most comprehensive medical libraries in the country, Upstate's library is a unique and free resource in Central New York, offering patients and families access to the most in-depth, multi-media information on diseases and medical conditions available.

The Family Resource Center located in SUNY Upstate's Health Sciences Library is a resource to the Central New York community for health information. In the Overview for Breast Cancer External Icon Find books, videos, DVD's, online videos and additional links. The Library also contains information under the Breast Cancer Center External Icon. Several videos are available there including Breast Biopsy External Icon, Breast Reconstruction External Icon and Breast MRI External Icon.