Welcome to the Upstate Cancer Center, where world class care is provided in a world-class environment.

Upstate provides many unique services for cancer patients in our region:

  • The most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology
  • More than 90 physicians who specialize in the care of cancer patients
  • The only Pediatric cancer care program
  • Comprehensive multi-disciplinary care, with medical, radiation and surgery specialists all working together to provide the best outcomes for complex cancers
  • Medical Librarians to assist patients and families in learning about their condition
  • Social workers, spiritual care advisors, rehabilitation specialists, and genetic counselors

Our patients also benefit from the Academic Difference:

  • Education programs for doctors, nurses, treatment specialists and technicians assure the most modern and up-to-date knowledge about cancer, its diagnosis, treatment, and patient and family care
  • Basic science research, the quest to discover new drugs and treatments for cancer in the laboratory that can eventually translate into better outcomes for patients
  • Clinical research to discover which treatment is best and access to national clinical trials for the latest in drugs or technology
  • Public health and cancer prevention specialists whose mission is to find the best ways to prevent cancer in individuals and communities

I have been working with the Upstate system for 30 years, and I am extremely proud of the quality and compassion of our doctors, nurses, administrators and all the other specialists who contribute to the superb care we provide. I know that you, your family members and friends will get the best care available if they are affected by cancer. I am honored to serve this wonderful group of experts as the Medical Director of the Upstate Cancer Center.