Upstate Student Government

USG is the student government for all students at SUNY Upstate. The purpose and function of this organization shall be to serve as a forum for student opinion, to facilitate cooperation and communication with the administration, faculty and community and to collect and allocated the student activity fee to classes, events, programs and recognized organizations.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm. If you would like to have a voice in how your school operates, we invite you to attend!


Executive Board:
President: Adham Alifarag
Vice President, College of Graduate Studies: Aaron Altman
Vice President, College of Health Professions: Mary Gleason
Vice President, College of Medicine: Elizabeth Sulger
Vice President, College of Nursing: Rachel Bailey
Vice President, Clubs and Organizations: Jay Patel
Secretary: Rohan Nanda
Treasurer: Sungsu Lee

College of Graduate Studies: Alan Blayney and <2 vacant positions>
College of Health Professions: Justin Davis, Inez Quinones and <3 vacant positions>
College of Medicine: Mary Beth Gadarowski, Miranda Gonzalez, Michael Letchworth, Kiah McArthur, Shiv Patel, Gabrielle Ritaccio, Katie Rong, Phil Skummer
College of Nursing: <3 currently vacant>

Advisor: Chuck Simpson, Director of Campus Activities and Special Projects