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Interviews with Linda Cohen and Dr. Deirdre Neilen, Editor of The Healing Muse.

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  • January 4 - "Technical Difficuties," By Raven Heroux, Vol. 13


  • December 28 - "Autism Poem #20: The Knot Garden," by Barbara Crooker, Vol. 4
  • December 21 - "Working Up to Common," by Terry Brix, Vol. 13
  • December 14 - "The Proper Use of Spells," by Luisa Villani, Vol. 13
  • December 7 - "Oncological Cocktails," B.A. St. Andrews, Vol. 13
  • November 30 - "Future Grandma: Green Is Grief," by Melissa F. Pheterson, Vol. 13
  • November 23 - "Nothing Between Us Now But Love," by Rick Kempa, Vol. 7
  • November 15 - "Waiting for Answers," by Kathleen Grieger, Vol. 6
  • November 8 - "I imagine the poison," by Jennifer Heatley, Vol. 11
  • November 1 - "The Bruising," by Thomas C. Gibbs, Vol. 6
  • October 26 - "The Good News," by K.B. Kincer, Vol. 12
  • October 22 - Announcing the thirteenth edition of The Healing Muse
  • October 18 - "Living with Eugene," by Kaitlin Provost, Vol. 12
  • October 11 - "The Pier," by Edie Cottrell, Vol. 12
  • October 4 - "Who Are You?" by Carole Glasser Langille, Vol. 12
  • September 29 - "Hip Precautions," by Johanna Shapiro, Vol. 9
  • September 22 - "Un-Aged," by Jennifer Lynn Alessi, Vol. 9, and "Tell Me Again," by Sara Burant, Vol. 12
  • September 15 - "Vows," by Monica Burchfiled, Vol. 10, and "Sleeping and Waking," by Daniel Corrie, Vol. 7
  • August 29 - "Doctor Patient," by David C. Manfredi, Vol. 10, and "Gush," by Stacy Nigliazzo, Vol. 10
  • August 23 - "The Lotus of Endurance," by Charlene Langfur, Vol. 10, and "Physicists and Elegies," by Linda Albert, Vol. 10
  • July 26 - "When the Doctor's Dad is Dying," by Robert Schwab, Vol. 5, and "The Other Mothers," by K.B. Kincer, Vol. 8
  • July 16 - "A phone call after midnight," by Nina Bennett, Vol. 11, and "The Country of Illness," by Meryl Natchez, Vol. 9
  • July 10 - "Opening the Summer House," by B.A. St. Andrews, Vol. 12
  • June 19 - "Etiquette for the Very Ill," Johanna Shapiro, Vol. 11
  • June 16 - "If I Could Help," by Rae Spencer, Vol. 9, and "Kokua," by KH Solomon, Vol. 9
  • May 30 - "Excavating Grief," by Pamela Mitchell, Vol. 9
  • May 25 - "Snow," by Katharyn Howd Machan, Vol. 11, and "Things My Daughter Lost in Hospitals," by Toni Wilkes, Vol. 9


  • December - In this month's interview Dr. Neilen talks about the cover artist Marguerite McDonald, her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, and reads Mary Lou DiPietro's poem "Acceptance." To listen to the interview, press here.
  • November - Dr. Neilen shares the latest issue of the Muse. She reads poetry by Valerie Wohlfeld, "I Made a Vessel," "Snow on the Brain," by Marylou DiPietro, and excerpts from Kevin Bray's non-fiction essay "It's All in My Head." To listen to the interview, press here.


  • April - Call for visual and graphic art submissions for our 11th issue; poem by Letitia Momirov, "Remission," and excerpts from Judith Hannan's non-fiction essay,"The Limits of Swallows and Seals." Download
  • January - From our 10th issue. Poems from volume 10: "Vows," by Monica Burchfield, and "Not for Sissys," written by Irene D. Hays. Download

Interviews with Trisha Torry and Dr. Deirdre Neilen, Editor of The Healing Muse.


  • November - Celebrating our 10th anniversary issue. Remembering founder Bonnie St. Andrews. Poems featured: "Appointment at the Doctor's," by Howard F. Stein, and "Why We Must Struggle," by Kay Ryan, US Poet Laureate. Download
  • May 23 - Poems from volume 9 of The Healing Muse: "Needle Stick," by Laurie Dill, and "If I Could Help," by Rae Spencer. Download
  • February 21 - Poignant bedside sentiments from The Healing Muse. Download


  • December 20 - Excerpts from volume 9 of The Healing Muse: Lisa Kerr's poem "Talking Poetry with Medical Students," and local writer/artist Sallie Naatz Bailey's "Accidental Therapist." Download
  • November 29 - AIDS-related excerpts from Upstate's Healing Muse 9: "Excavating Grief," by Pamela Mitchell, and "Kokua" written by KH Solomon. Download
  • November 1 - Publication launch of the 9th Annual Healing Muse Literary Journal. Dr. Neilen reads "Hip Precautions" by Johanna Shapiro. Download
  • October 4 - The Healing Muse 8: reflections. Poems featured - Oliver Rice's "What Do the Physicians Know About This?" and "Diagnosis 1972," by Lisa Roney. Download
  • August 23 - The Healing Muse 8. Readings from poems "Table, Cat, Tree," by Arlene L. Mendell, and "Roman Holiday," by Dellana Diovisalvo. Download
  • July 19 - Dr, Neilen reads "Happy Accidents," by founder Bonnie St. Andrews, and "Beach" by Pamela Ferris-Olson from The Healing Muse, Volume 8. Download
  • May 31 - "The Other Mothers," by KB Kincer, and "Faulty Armor," by Upstate medical student, Adam Philip Stern from Volume 8 of The Healing Muse, will be the focus of today's interview with Dr. Neilen. Download
  • April 26 - From Volume 8 of The Healing Muse, two poems relating to survival and courage will be read. They are "Puzzled" by Kathleen Grieger, and "Brief Reprieve," written by Katherine Aponick. Download
  • March 29 - The Healing Muse, Volume 8. Excerpts from poems "I Hope My Nurses Remember Playing Records," by Anya Silver, and "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Clinical Experience," by Katherine Leonard. Download

What's Up at Upstate

Readings from Authors from The Healing Muse 10

  • December 7, 2010

    We are pleased to announce that Cheryl Stiles and K. B. Kincer have shared the readings of their poems from Muse 10 via Enjoy!

    "The Classroom," by Cheryl Stiles.
    "Strategy," by K.B. Kincer.

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