Kevin Schoonover

More about The Healing Muse Cover Artist Kevin Schoonover

Each image captures the essence of time passing, illuminating how the years and weather have altered the subject’s initial artistry. Like taut skin sagging and strong bones eroding, once refined architectural and carved stone features now show their age, whispering of long-forgotten moments of joy, pain, triumph and sorrow.Broken windows, crumbling steps, lichen growth and corroded granite serve to remind us that even grand edifices, built to endure, to house our loved ones or honor their memories, ultimately cannot and do not stand against the ravages of time. 

No talented craftsman or gifted stonemason sets out to build a ruin. But, that ordained eventuality is exactly what these great and humble works become.
And no amount of care and maintenance can stave that off forever.

My sepia formulation sets the stage, subtly guiding the viewer toward a contemplation of time. The resultant images appear timeless, free of bright colors that might denote a particular decade, while concurrently suggesting an antique remove.

Whether these photographs are seen as jarring or comforting, the subject matter and corresponding emotional response should linger – forcing us to face our own mortality. Where that leads is up to the viewer.
But, in an age dulled by opiates – chemical and technological – it’s all too easy for time to pass unnoticed and unappreciated. The finite hours with which we’re all blessed deserve to be embraced and not allowed to slip away – like a once beloved home sinking into the earth or a cherished statue crumbling into dust.”

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