the healing muse

Volume 13, 2013

More Than the Sum

Danielle Wallace

Dissect, prosect, resect,
Analyze, catabolize, memorize,
What it means to be organ, tissue, cell
Introspect, prospect, respect
Synthesize, visualize, realize
What it means to be human, mother, son

Heart, artery, vein
Pounding like a bass drum
Aching for long lost love
Pulsing after a steady run
Skipping a beat with expectation
Vein, artery, heart

Lung, trachea, larynx
Rejoicing at child’s first breath
Sighing at relief of arrival
Screaming at a horror movie
Singing with the windows rolled down
Larynx, trachea, lung

Stomach, liver, tongue
Tasting salt on a long beach stroll
Sipping chicken noodle soup on a sick day
Filling up on turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie
Drinking champagne to mark another year
Tongue, liver, stomach

Hand, finger, wrist
Grasping for parent’s reach
Comforting child’s bruised ego
Writing letters to a far away friend
Working tirelessly to support a family
Wrist, finger, hand

Leg, muscle, joint
Kicking inside a mother’s womb
Dancing with a handsome husband
Catching a ball with a heroic father
Rustling leaves on a fall morning
Joint, muscle, leg

Skin, hair, nerve
Tingling at the sound of beautiful music
Brushing a daughter’s ponytail before school
Touching a silken graduation cap
Feeling a wife’s hand in yours
Nerve, hair, skin

What makes the anatomy of a person
Heart, lung, stomach
Hand, leg, skin
Or aching, singing, sipping
Grasping, dancing, tingling
Remember these parts, now separated

By dissect, prosect, resect
Analyze, catabolize, memorize
Were once so much more than their sum
Introspect, prospect, respect
Synthesize, visualize, realize
What it means to be human

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