the healing muse

Volume 13, 2013

a better care

—to Ann

Roger Desy

—you invited her to live with us—from the assertiveness of her timidity
to her exhaustion into selflessness—and given over to doing it

we made it happen—and i will never forget that—i will remember it
in whatever memory stays and dies with me—the old should be cared for

in their infirmity to its fruition and should die warm in their children’s arms

in the nature of what benign dignity a human animal can have that both
resists and accepts its dying in the same last breath—moving in an instant

from a desperate awe into the definition of the nothing it will never know

—others too have done as much and will—given the chance—but given
the chance—how many would do this?—you have given me the chance

to take this on to make sense out of the routine and details of her ashes

—when her mind returned to a gathering of elements that sieve like snow
over its surfaces—you helped her find a way to let them find their way

—to find a place—to let them settle out—into themselves again—

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