the healing muse

Volume 10, 2010

The Classroom

Cheryl Stiles

Please make good notes. Our time here is brief.
Who knows the nature of the thief?
A sniper’s perfect shot, well-placed bomb,
helicopters circling a wreck—can disturb our calm,
shatter deeply prized beliefs.

No heaven other than the wildflower or leaf.
This moment a psalm, a prayer—its thin sheaf.
Who can say where such grace comes from?
            Please make good notes.

Rise up from the vestibule’s sting—winds, grief—
while you can. Seek solace and relief.
Desire well, rage and sing, pay attention,
rave then rave again, decide, make a stand.
Inhale—exhale—take a deep breath.
            And please make good notes.

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