the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 10, 2010

B.A. St. Andrews
Burying the Cat
Kay Ryan Why We Must Struggle
Bruce Bennett
Something Real
Charlene Langfur
The Lotus of Endurance
Linda Albert Of Physicists and Elegies
Mary Jo Balistreri Blue
Kristin Berkey-Abbott Immunities
Kristin Berkey-Abbott Transfiguration Sunday on the Cancer Ward
Erika St. James Apu Runa (Mountain People)
Kathleen Grieger Knowing
Kathleen Grieger Right Reason
Katy Giebenhain Wicked Butterfly
Kathleen Gunton You Say Dememtia Is
Michael Whelan Firefly
Theresa Wyatt If
Anna Fledman Axis I: Panic
Lititia Momirov
Monica Burchfield
Operation Pedro Pan, 1961
Monica Burchfield Vows
Donna L. Emerson Goddess of Abdomens
Linda Loomis Injury
Irene D. Hays Not for Sissies
Holly Kuman Full Arrest
Holly Kuman
In Troy
James Dwyer
Bruce Bennett
The Table
Gregory Eastwood An Old Hip Fractured Requires a Good Young Bone Doc
Gregory Eastwood I'm the Sort of Doc That is a Haiku Tight fit
K.B. Kincer
Joyce Holmes McAllister
untitled sonnet
Joyce Holmes McAllister Bereaved
Cheryl Lewis Living My Mother's Depression
Tish Pearlman New Light
V.P. Loggins Taking
David C. Manfredi Doctor Patient
Stacy Nigliazzo Gush
Wendy Hoffman The File
Erin Pennington A Father's Heart
Jenna Rindo Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body (in color)
Joyce Holmes McAllister Fibroid Fantasy
Howard F. Stein Appointment at the Doctor's
David C. Manfredi Tumor
Cheryl Stiles The Classroom
Susan Supley Taking Care
Bruce Bennett The Frog Stopped Singing
Bruce Bennett The Going-Away Party
Shelley A. Gilroy The Other Side of Diagnosis
Lauri Blanch What Doctors Do
Daniel Roberts Hempel's Disease
Leota McCown-Hoover Post-Op Blues
Judith Hannan The Limits of Swallow and Seals
Susan Keeter Pink Grapefruit and Chocolate Milk
Rick Kempa Story Spirit Witness Place
Mona de Vestel The Cost of Life
Jantce Stefan-Cole My Sister's Diagnosis
Dominick Maggio A Revolution in Thailand
Elijah Dut Why I Am Skinny
Gwynneth VanLaven Waiting Rooms
Paul Rousseau Infiirmity
Deborah Lewis Broken
Ronald Pies Each Day Is Magnified
Marilyn R. Mumford The Fifth Son of Roidah
Tetman Callis The Take-Out
Carol Scott-Conner By the Book
Lyzette Wanzer Seasons
Lucy Calhoun Cover art - Divine Jublilee; Desert Tree Pose
Karen Kozicki Entrata Pitti Palace, Pigeon in Franklin Square, Via Santa Monaca
Kathleen Gunton Arms of the Oak, Ocean Strokes, Peaceful Water, Joyful Agapanthus
Karen Burns Bog, Last Light
Joan Applebaum August Afternoon, Wooded Cove
Yolanda Tooley Spring Ice, Sunflowers in a Pot, Relax, Lion House
Marty Dorschel Wasp's Nest
Susan Keeter Marsha with Grandchildren
Zofia Nowicki View of Phoenix from Camelback Mountain
Marilyn Mitchell Cambria Pines Lodge
Pamela Ferris-Olson Time on Her Hands, A New Day
Lindsay Obermeyer Genetic Inheritance
Gwynneth VanLaven Waiting Room, Waiting Room Composite
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