the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 9, 2009

B.A. St. Andrews
Hour of the Pearl
Lisa Kerr Talking Poetry with Medical Students
Johanna Shapiro
Hip Precautions
Johanna Shapiro
Too soon
Toni L. Wilkes Choices
Toni L. Wilkes Things My Daughter Lost in Hospitals
Jennifer Lynn Alessi Un-Aged
Antoinette Constable After the Stroke
Paul David Adkins Dying Mother
Cynthia Carmichael Calling on Lula Mae
Cynthia Carmichael A Daughter's Dilemma
Beverly Boyd Salt
Beverly Boyd Elemental
Linda Loomis Memory
Robert Roger Lebel The Sonogram
Linda A. Cronin Saint Joseph's Hospital: Room 722
Lorence Gutterman
Trigger Thumb: Relationship
Kathleen Grieger
The Race
Joan Cofrancesco Neuro-Tangled Brain Haikus
M. Frost Bird Flu
Pat Landreth Keller Losing the Words
Meryl Natchez The Country of Illness
Fani Papageorgiou Dear Miss Elspeth
Laurie Dill
Needle Stick
Jane Downs
After the Breaking
Jane Downs
June Frankland Baker Awake, Before More Tests at the Doctors
Basilia Nwankwo In the Beginning
Linda Tomol Pennisi
When Birds Announce the Hours
Thomas C. Gibbs
Water Music
Mary Kathryn Jablonski Mare Undarum (Sea of Agitation)
Frederick Zydek Visiting the Alzheimer's Wing
Jenna Le A Boy Is Brought to the Emergency Room After Being Mauled by a Dog
V.P. Loggins The Children's Home
Helen Papell Manhattan Dust
Pamela Mitchell Excavating Grief
KH Solomon Kokua
George A. Higgins Aneurysm
Morose Leonard Glasses
Rae Spencer If I Could Help
M. Frost The Value of a Statistical Life
Therese Vecere-Wyatt Watch and Wait
Kristin Hoggatt Noos
Joyce Holmes McAllister Last Shot
Karen Middleton Ultrasound
Joyce Stein Cat Scan
James S. Wilk Vacancy
Oliver Rice And the Shroud of Christ in a Silver Chest in a Chapel of Black Marble
Yvonne Zipter In Preparation for My Nervous Breakdown
Cammy Thomas Death's Pretty Fingers
Nancy Takacs Myers Beach
Valerie Wohlfeld Psychiatry as Falconry
Bruce Bennett Swimming in a Watering Can
Bruce Bennett Tending One's Garden
Cortney Davis Questions at Midnight
Cortney Davis I Don't Know
Sallie Naatz Bailey The Accidental Therapist
Kayleen Wilkinson Disappearing Act
Robin Reid Band-Aids
Mehr-Afarin Hosseini Baile de Aqua (Water Dance) - Full Version
Carol Scott-Connor From the Heart
Albert Howard Carter, III The Ankle and the Sting
Guy M.L. Perry Hoyo de los Estrellos
Adam Philip Stern And Then Something Familiar
Jane S. Attanucci Self Exam
Beth H. Evans The Cost of a Casket
Burson Richards The Ironman
Nancy Ford Dugan Hand Pie
Sam Mackenzie Interview with a Red Hydrangea
Marion Roth Cover art - Setting Out, The Invisible Tide, Moonlight Swimmers, My Town (When the Storm Breaks)
Kathleen Gunton Detail of Chicago Angel, Palm Seed Pouch, Pincushion, Pollen Flight
Pamela Ferris-Olson Yellowstone Still Life, Fence Posts, The Gulls, Alone in Yellowstone
Yolanda Tooley Holiday in Puerto Rico; Tango, Argentina; Dolls, Athens; Window, Kilkenny
Susannah Loiselle From a Crannied Floor, Tire Swing, Shoreline Snowcones
Theresa Vecere-Wyatt Wisdom, Ascent
Karen Burns Apples, Early Snow; Autumn Birch, Sunset
M. Frost Bird Flu, The Value of a Statistical Life
Derek McCrea Butterfly
Joan Applebaum Water Lilies
Sharon Scarlata The Bounce
Sallie Naatz Bailey Pemaquid 2006
Marty Dorschel Busy Forest Floor
Sarah Averill Chair with Sheet
Robb Dorschel Soul Window

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