the healing muse

Volume 8, 2008

Macintosh's Rose

Petra Kuppers

Scottish city slithers slate slick beneath my cane.
Exuberant with sun, pregnant water glitters

a slide, broken ruffle around my rubber kiss—
stumble, near fall, glide, passes by

precarious balance on a circuitous route.
The jewelry store: silver rigidity settled

here, amethyst memory, rose quartz light love,
enamel glitter baked smooth now,

a gentle swell, no inflammation:
I buy a souvenir of a hard city

dangle earrings, for my little sister
her soggy German fens offer gnarled

barbed willows to that city shine:
taps concrete, my cane remembers mud crowns,

slow filling water cups in the land
mark my passing with hydraulic suction

a necklace of absent beads, long gone.
Remember, remember

my sister’s small ear, the golden cut liberated,
           from cut crystal to the rhythm of plain rain.

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