the healing muse

Volume 8, 2008

Last Lunch

Bruce Bennett

—for Herbert Siegel

During our last lunch, when you only
pushed food around on your plate, you suddenly
got up because you heard
a couple speaking Greek at the next table

And walked over and introduced yourself and exchanged
pleasantries and information—all
in your best Greek, which was, apparently,
pretty good, or, at least, good enough,

Since you came back beaming. It turned out
he was a doctor, and knew your doctor, and the two of them
complimented you on your knowledge of Greek and asked
where you had acquired it, and you got to tell them

You had always loved languages and had taught
yourself, and it no longer mattered—since you were clearly
so happy—that the food in front of you
would never be eaten, because the restaurant that afternoon

was filled with noise and joy.

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