the healing muse

Table of Contents, Volume 7, 2007

B.A. St. Andrews
On the Perfect Child
Rafael Campo Ode to the Box of Tissues on My Desk in the Clinic
Bruce Bennett
To Someone Who Asked Me After a Poetry Reading
Katie Antony
St. Joseph
Jennifer Richter First Words
Daniel Corrie Sleeping and Waking
Lorraine Bruno Arsenault Fall Morning
Anne Jacobson Ryan Star Break
Sara Baker Refrigerator
Valerie Wohlfield Locked Ward
Maureen Picard Robins Kasai Procedure: A Snapshot
Kasai Procedure: A Thought Shot
Failed Kasai: Teh baby needs a liver to live
36 Hours Before the Transmigration of Souls
Beverly Boyd Shade
Robin Nagowski Anybody Listening?
Sarah Cross Autopsy
Brock Dethier
Returning the Rent-a-Baby
Terri Brown-Davidson Birth/Rebirth
Joyce Holmes McAllister
Wherever You Are
Andrea Potos
My Aunt, Dying
Kathleen Grieger Shaking
Marilyn R. Mumford
He Remembers Listening to Canaries
Elisabeth Farrell Diagnosis
Benita Rogers Last Words
Robert Nazarene
The Rose
Pamela Ferris-Olson
M. Frost
Intimate Details
Oliver Rice
Dotty Holcomb Doherty Right Now
Beth H. Evans Like a Train
Robertina Szolarova
Diane LeBlanc
Song of Knife on Glass
Judith Harris Analysis
Mary Kathryn Jablonski Fever
Cheryl Stiles Formula
Karen Holmberg Sutures
Laurie Lessen-Reiche Morning Tapestry: A Sonata of Pain
Sarah Jefferis I Am No More or Less
Gina Liotta Ichthyosis
Sarah Averill Under a Fearless Sky
Rokhsanna Sadeghi Shelter by Night
Pamela L. Laskin The Story of My Life
Alexander Douglass Grant Job's Neck
Susan Luzzaro My Brother's Life: No Double-Blind Study
Anetha Frasier That Was Then: Growing Up in Rural South Carolina
Melissa Cloonan Wednesday Night
William Hahn Cual es el internet?
Chris Anne Strickling The Hat
Whitney Howe Abandoned, Abandoner
Rick Kempa Nothing Between Us Now But Love
Eileen Valinoti Night Duty
Seth Collings Hawkins A Different, Deeper Sort of Calm
Cecilie Scott Restoration
Mark J. Sicherman Midnight Angel
Mehr-Afarin Hosseini The Birth of Venus
Vishwas R. Gaitonde The Red Ribbon
Gary Weinstein Smilo at Night
Sarah Kuhlman The Hat
Tammy Wilson Saving Amy
Allan Peterkin Falls
Sarah Nicolai In Tandem
In Tandem 7
In Tandem 2
Pamela Ferris-Olson Nighttime Still Life
Pier Geometry
Seafarer's Gossamer
Yolanda Tooley Still Life with Zebra
Chaise Lounge
Cicero Porch
Ellen Giraud Swallow Your Pride
The Egg
Resting Swan
Susannah Loiselle Window at St. Peter's Barn
Sand Fence, Emerald Isle, NC
Lois Dorschel Winter Dam
Misty Morning
Nicole Peyrafitte Cantata BWV170
Cantata BWV18
Kathleen Gunton Dancing Iris
Plummeria Cluster
Barbara Nevaldine Bloodroot
Grand Tetons
Reneé Mezza Progeny
The Rookie

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