the healing muse

Volume 6, 2006

Gold Standard

Veneta Mason

Ensure that the drug information you rely on is as good as gold
by adopting Alchemy, the superior clinical decision support engine
from Gold Standard.

Strange alchemy indeed—
money to medicine
banking to science—
the gold standard transmuted.
Its appeal is irresistible.
What athlete or patient sets his sights
on the silver or bronze?
And as for clinicians,
we have to stake our claim
somewhere.  Precious few will reveal
the only thing they know for sure—
that there is no Fort Knox,
only an Oz where wizards
come and go.

When I think of all the pyrite
I’ve proffered through the years—
the abandoned theories,
discredited pills and procedures,
unsubstantiated advice—
all of it gold standard,
I make my confession
and offer this prayer
to the God of Unknowing,
Lord, make me your placebo,
a humble purveyor
of sensible care,
a healer who never fails,
at least, to give a damn.

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