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Table of Contents, Volume 5, 2005

B.A. St. Andrews
Your Breast a Unicorn
Kathleen Gunton In the Event
Leukemia Patient
Johanna Shapiro

The Transformation of Water

Dixie Partridge
So Far
Beth Bahler Healing Well
Lisa C. Taylor How Cancer Is Like a Flower
Clayton J. Baker Travels
Elyssa Pohl Hospital Coffee Shop
Rochelle Brener Remnants
Linda A. Cronin Diagnosis
M. Frost The Waiting Room
Leo Carroll Love
Chet Corey From Illness into Light
James Campagna
Last Door on the Right
Pamela Ferris-Olson Terminus
Reuven Goldfarb
Holy Resistance
Katie Fesuk
Making Things Plain Again
Gertrude Halstead case history
Catherine V. Caldicott
Meg McNena Post Mortem
Suffer the Little Children
Adam Oberlander Cat Scan
Peg Braungart

Nantucket Graveyard: Winter

Carol J. Roberts
L’amour naissant
Cheryl Stiles

Fire Ecology

Holly Pettit
Debridement in Rainy Season
Robert Schwab
When the Doctor’s Dad Is Dying
Mary Kennan Herbert On the Indestructibility of the Poet
Greg Moglia Not Yet Mother Said
Susan Ward Boy, Ball, and Black Water
Bruce Bennett
Statuary, San Miniato Cemetery
June Frankland Baker
Daughter Diagnosed with Crohn’s
Barbara Kane Rebirth
Timothy Kelly Bent Flashing
Holly Leigh Morgue Eclairs
Annette Corth I, Too, Had a Friend
Elizabeth M. Willingham The Black Box
Keith Dahlberg Baby Shots
Irony Sade Ghost Sickness
Laurie Klein One Hundred Grays that Embalm
Michael D. Burg Juan
Joel Portnoy Only One Time
Vasanth Sriram A Letter to the Givers
Sharon Somekh Losing Patients
Terre Ryan Oceans
Sarah Voss Straw Men
Nancy Schreher The Prettiest Car in the Parking Lot
Cindy Wojtecki Memoir
Donald N. Schwing Gourmet Lunch with the French Battalion
Joanne Wu Finding Comfort in Comfort Care
Arthur Roemmelt Slip, Sliding Away
Mona de Vestel Valley
James Dwyer St. Lucy’s
Mark J. Sicherman Sustenance
Lisa Orlando Cancerland
Marilyn R. Mumford The Flower and the Leaf
Gary Weinstein Co-conspirators
Tamatha Sussman The History
Rubie Sue Maybury Nazaré
Kenneth Peek B.A. St. Andrews
Lezli Parsons An Epitaph
Irene Klar

Caretakers of the Earth
Haida Patterns

Kathleen Gunton Peace with Moon and Trees
Lavender Lady
Pamela Ferris-Olson Water
Moonlit Beach Chairs
Joan Applebaum Old Friends
Secret Gardens
Time Found
Barbara Nevaldine

Trees and Leaves

Patricia Corrigan-Syrocki The Matterhorn
Carol J. Roberts Three Scoop Blue Sunday
Adrienne DeWitt Orchid
Linda Bright Bayne

Lane Brook

Marie A. Weber Mist in the Woods
Carol Ceraldi Soldier
Susan Keeter Soldier
Unwelcome Proposal
Ron Olcott Winter in the Country
Roaring Forks
Steven E. Katz Post Call
Lori Lucarelli We Walk by Faith
Jennifer Lemke Eilean Donan Castle
Lindsay Obermeyer Sacred Heart
Nerve Splice
Dick Dupre Rock Island Lighthouse
Winter Creek
Yolanda Tooley Alberobello, Italy
Frutta Capri
The Perilous World of Eggs
Petra Kuppers Hibiscus
Sara Karjoo Onondaga Lake Park
Marty Dorschel Lost Souls
Renee C. Mezza Dawn on the Ausable River
Thea Reidy

Bird’s Nest: Spring Nest
Taproot: Grace

Dan Osterman Hopi Kachina Dolls and Dancer
Susannah Tripp Ireland
Joan Mallia-Littlehale Mr. Alpaca
Jeanne Dupre

Lake Placid Lean-to
Adirondack Gazebo

Mary Gridley Fawn
Erin Tapley Talk to Me
Susan Ward Boy, Ball, and Black Water
Sara Tucker Sarah Loguen
Ravi DeSilva Focused Remembrance

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