The Healing Muse, Volume 1 The Healing Muse

Table of Contents, Volume 3, 2003

Table of Contents
Ludwig Stein Beating Hearts
Yolanda Tooley Grand Canyon
Anna Olson Inside Out
Barbara Nevaldine Green Leaves
Melinda Glines The Attending Physician
Arthur Roemmelt Listening to the Voices
Catherine V. Caldicott On the Waning of a Parent’s Life
Sarah Bein First Patient
Jeffrey Freedman Dutch Fishing Nets
Amy Marie Haddad The Face of a Devil
Samuel Gorovitz Philbin Beach, Martha’s Vineyard
Sivia Lapidus Alive
William Astor Doctorese
Franklin Magnet School Portrait
Nancy Schreher Skying Over Orlando
Judith Ann Benedict Little Goddess Flying Down the Fall
E. Jackson Allison Post-Op Prayer
Sharon E. Scarlata My Fourth Grade Class
Nicole Moro Getting By
Joy Englehart Sunrise in the Everglades
Bruce Bennett Unsettled
Adam Tripp On the Lake
Bruce Bennett Vigil
Mohsin Ali The Unannounced Visitor
Carol Ceraldi Coffee Break
Barbara Kane Shadow Dance
Susan Keeter Darius
Steve Allen, Jr. EBM – Elvis Based Medicine
Joy Englehart Soul Stars
Marilyn Mumford The Little Merman
Sharon Osika-Michales Autumn, Verona State Park
Angelos Papatheodorou In Memory Of
Susan Keeter Owl
Sarah Bein Morning Cumulus
Carol J. Roberts Aspen Peak
Sharon Osika-Michales Cascade Beauty
Ludwig Stein The Valentine Paintings
Steve Tenenbaum In the Valley
George Blakeslee The Warmth of Autumn
Nancy Geyer The Woman of Widgery Wharf
Joan Applebaum Cutting Glass
Joan Applebaum Cutting Glass
Tari Otabara The Wedding
Kit Hefner Dreamscape I
Karin Henderson Gardener Dying
Judith Ann Benedict In the Garden
Lois Dorschel Grandma Belle’s Cuckoo Clock
Barbara Nevaldine Blue Eyes
Erika Dreifus After Life
Cindy Wojtecki A Shared History
Anna Olson Familiar Burden
Anna Olson His Father’s Legacy
Sharon Snover The Code
Maureen Barcza Personal Space
John Yowpa III
At Her Own Pace
Steven Taffet Sunset in Vancouver
James Campagna The Rower
Catherine V. Caldicott Mask
Franklin Magnet School Mask
Nancy Schreher You’re Something to Dream About
Tina Bottone Sunflowers
Mark Sicherman Breathtaking (1935)
Lauren Chernick The Horror of the Pulse
Yolanda Tooley Moonrise
Carol J. Roberts Le Plongeur/The Diver
Mark Sicherman The Grape Fast
Child Life Program Portrait
Mercilee Jenkins What to Do If You Find Out You Have Breast Cancer
Joan Applebaum Old Ghosts Meet
C.G. Salame A Miracle Too Short
Yolanda Tooley Dancing Lady Orchid
Sarah Roberts The Talisman
Maureen Barcza Garden Shadows

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