The Healing Muse, Volume 1 The Healing Muse

Table of Contents, Volume 2, 2002

Table of Contents
Perri Klass Physicians on Writing: An Interview with Perri Klass
Jack Coulehan Phrenology: A Villanelle
Anna Olson The Princess and the Plum
Anna Olson Soothsayer in the Surf, Carillo, Costa Rica
Sarah Bein Dreaming Vietnam
Deborah Bradshaw The Woman in the Next Room
Joan Applebaum Leaving
Bruce Bennett My Mother Explains the Sunset
Bruce Bennett Tea With My Mother
Carol Ceraldi Self-Portrait
Jay Dalal Parachute
Maureen Barcza Shaded Sanctuary
Melinda Glines Kidney (Wm. Carlos Williams Award)
Barbara Nevaldine Teasel
Jennifer Pearson Hand Signals
Kathleen Perkins Hibiscus
Thomasina Bailey Sophie
Susan Keeter Sarah Loguen, MD
Carol Graser In the Heat of Our Twin Fevers
Lynea Olson Dos Niños en el Bosque
Carol Graser 3 A.M.
Children’s Miracle Network Family
Peg Braungart Last Rights
Barbara Nevaldine Pine Cones
Catherine V. Caldicott The Plunge
Michael Gordon Dysthymia Quartet
Sharon Osika-Michales Winter Solitude
Audrey Shafer Morning Gem
Tina Bottone Love, Don
Paulette Kohman One Year I Could Not Weed the Garden
Kids in Art Program Jimmy’s Flower
Robertina Szolarova Wrinkle
Sharon Osika-Michales Driftwood
Bill Woodbury and Liza Howell The Wind and the Wild
Erin Tapley Tivoli
Cindy Wojtecki Of Ballerinas
Ronald Pies

My Father’s Shadow

Joan Applebaum
Spiritual Journeys
Ronald Pies Hard Night
Mark J. Sicherman Levels of Consciousness (1959)
Sandra Thomas I Want to Be
Susan Keeter & CMN Miracle Champion
John Yowpa III A Father’s Will
Deirdre Neilen The Room
Joan Applebaum Prayer
Laurie Leonard The Jewel
Mercilee Jenkins What To Do If You Find Out You Have Breast Cancer
Kit Hefner Untitled
Joe Sorbello Pain in the Machine
Barbara Silverstone Bessie
Beth Evans Thief
Carol Ceraldi Gen Sleeping
Brian Olson Genesis of Independence
Anna Olson Adoration in D Minor
June Lamon Debridement Sept 18: Manhattan
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