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The fifteenth volume of The Healing Muse, SUNY Upstate's journal of literary and visual arts published annually by the Center for Bioethics and Humanities, is now available for sale. We provide a forum for artistic approaches to the body, illness, and medicine by publishing the voices and perspectives of people with illness and disability, health care practitioners, and caregivers.

We accept submissions of creative work (fiction, narrartives, essays, poems, visual art) from September 1 to May 1 each year; the journal is published in October. Submission and order information is available at thehealingmuse.org.

29th Annual Bruce Dearing Writing Award Winners

dearing winnners

Back row: James Knoll, IV, MD, Brielle Stanton, MSII,
Travis Quinn, MSII, Katherine Robinson
Front row: Pam Freeman, Jordana Gilman, MSI, Kaitlin Kyi, MSII

Not present: Alisa Anderson, MSIII, Kayla Jagoda, MSII, Joan Cofrancesco

The Center for Bioethics and Humanities is proud to announce the winners for this year's Bruce Dearing Writing Award Competition. First place in the student category for poetry is Kaitlin Kyi, MSII, for her poem, "all the kids aside from you." Second place is awarded to Brielle Stanton, MSII, for "Scar Tissue," and honorable mention to Jordana Gilman, MSI, for her poem, "Three Times a Day." Winner in the prose category for first place is Travis Quinn, MSII, "To the Patient in Room 16." Second place awarded to Alisa Anderson, MSIII, for her essay "Finding Our Routine," and honorable mention to Kayla Jagoda, MSII, "The Small Reminder."

Pam Freeman won first place in the faculty/employee category for poetry with "Land Line." Joan Cofrancesco's poem "bruce dearing haikus" won second place. In the prose category, Katherine Robinson won first place for her essay "He Didn't Look Dead," and James Knoll, IV, MD in second place for his essay "Parkland Still."

All submissions receive consideration in CBH's annual journal, The Healing Muse.

Celebration of Poetry Month with Two-Bit Haiku

poetry gumball machine

2014 - In celebration of National Poetry Month, The Healing Muse installed a poetry gumball machine on the 9th floor of Weiskotten for the month of April. A mere quarter gets you a haiku from submissions we received from our Upstate community.

The journal features writing from Upstate's students, faculty, and staff, as well as both national and international writers. All proceeds from the gumball machine will go to support our annual Bruce Dearing Writing Award Competition for our students.

A haiku from Laura Presita, PhD candidate, celebrates this effort:

Gumball, gumball, yum!
A quarter you paid for one.
Gumballs? You got none!

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Ethics Consult Service Expands to Community Campus

Upstate's Ethics Consult Service expands to provide clinical ethics consultation at the Community Campus (in addition to University Hospitals downtown campus and Crouse Hospital). Anyone directly involved in a case--physician, nurse, social work, family, patient, etc.--may ask for our input. Hours of service are 8 am to 5 pm daily, including weekends.

Call the Hospital Operator at 464.5540 to reach the Consultant on Call. Further details may be found in our brochure PDF Icon


Center faculty teach required ethics courses in all four colleges of SUNY Upstate. We also offer a variety of electives.

Fall 2015 Consortium for Culture and Medicine electives: