Rachel Fabi, Ph.D.


Rachel Fabi, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Bioethics and Humanities and holds a joint appointment in Public Health and Preventative Medicine at Upstate Medical University. She earned her doctorate in Bioethics and Health Policy from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public and Health.

Dr. Fabi teaches Public Health Policy in the Central New York MPH program, and also teaches in the Patients to Populations and the Physicians and Social Responsibility courses for medical students.

Dr. Fabi works at the intersection of bioethics and public health policy. Her research focuses on access to health care for non-citizens, including undocumented immigrants facand refugees. Her other research interests include state and federal health policy; racial and geographic disparities in access to and quality of health care; informed consent for medical research; and organ and bone marrow donation and allocation policies.

Selected Publications:

Switzer, G. E., Macis, M., Fabi, R., Abress, L., Confer, D., Bruce, J., ... & Dew, M. A. (2018). Providing Level-of-Match Information to Perfectly Matched Unrelated Stem Cell Donors: Evaluating Acceptability and Potential Changes in Donor AvailabilityPDF IconBiology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. (available online)

Wherry, L. R., Fabi, R., Schickedanz, A., & Saloner, B. (2017). State And Federal Coverage For Pregnant Immigrants: Prenatal Care Increased, No Change Detected For Infant HealthPDF Icon. Health Affairs, 36(4), 607-615.

Fabi, R., & Saloner, B. (2016). Covering Undocumented Immigrants — State Innovation in CaliforniaPDF Icon. New England Journal of Medicine, 375(20), 1913-1915.

Fabi, R. (2016). “Respect for Persons,” Not “Respect for Citizens”PDF IconAmerican Journal of Bioethics 16(10), 69-70.

Kass, N., Faden, R., Fabi, R., Morain, S., Hallez, K., Whicher, D., . . . Pitcavage, J. (2016). Alternative consent models for comparative effectiveness studies: Views of patients from two institutionsPDF Icon. AJOB Empirical Bioethics, 7(2), 92-105.