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Ethics Consultation

Upstate's Ethics Consult Service, directed by K. Faber-Langendoen, MD, provides ethics consults at University Hospital, in out-patient facilities, and Crouse Hospital. This work is funded by the respective hospitals and is free of charge to those asking for a consult. Any person involved in a situation presenting ethical issues may request a consult, including clinicians, patients and families, students, and administrators.

Ethics Consult Service Expands to Community Campus

Effective July 1, Upstate's Ethics Consult Service expands to provide clinical ethics consultation at the Community Campus (in addition to University Hospitals downtown campus and Crouse Hospital). Anyone directly involved in a case--physician, nurse, social work, family, patient, etc.--may ask for our input. Hours of service are 8 am to 5 pm daily, including weekends.

Call the Hospital Operator at 464.5540 to reach the Consultant on Call. Further details are listed in our brochure PDF document

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