Bioethics in Brief

This newsletter is written and published under the direction of Center faculty on behalf of University Hospital. Bioethics in Brief is written for patients, families, and clinicians who confront bioethical issues. The newsletter features case discussion, a review of recent "hot topics," ethical issues confronting nurses, and the overlap of ethics with the law. We welcome dialogue and feedback, as well as suggestions of issues you might like to see explored in the newsletter. For further information, contact the newsletter's Editor, Deirdre Neilen at

Highlights of each issue:

  • bioethics preview imageCaring for patients without surrogates under the Family Health Care Decisions Act, Why treat a baby killer, Havasupai genetic research case settled, Health Care Reform-what's new in 2010 and 2011...March 2011 PDF Icon
  • Family Health Care Decisions Act (FHCDA) questions; Legal, ethical, and clinical perspectives on the health care professional's response to child sexual abuse, Baxter versus Montana update...April 2010 PDF Icon
  • Context: Seasonal and H1N1 influenza, The New York State Mandate, Pandemic Flu
    and hospital visiting hours, Is there and ethical obligation to be vaccinated?...January 2010 PDF Icon
  • Should we send illegal immigrants back home when they seek medical care? Three myths about the ethics of health care reform, Paying physicians to talk about end-of-life decisions...October 2009 PDF Icon
  • When parents say no to medical treatment for their children, Ethics consult FAQs, President's council on Bioethics...May 2009 PDF Icon
  • Multifetal reduction, NYC diabetes registry, Mental health parity...December 2008 PDF Icon
  • Dying patients, the FDA, Unproven drugs, The costs of health insurance...September 2008 PDF Icon
  • Drug money, Gifts to clinicians, Restricting physician's duty hours...January 2008 PDF Icon
  • When patients refuse treatment, HPV mandatory, Conscientious objection...July 2007 PDF Icon
  • Brain death, Pandemic flu, Autonomy, Public health & trans fats...March 2007 PDF Icon
  • Informed consent unnecessary, Tissue issue, Prisoners in medical research...December 2006 PDF Icon
  • Surfing for organs, Culture and transplantation, View from a patient...March 2006 PDF Icon
  • Caregiver's perspective, Culture & caregiving, When primary caregiver is not family...November 2005 PDF Icon
  • Law reform after Schiavo, Clinicians & military prisoner abuse, Five wishes...September 2005 PDF Icon
  • Medical Futility, Human growth hormone, Clinical drug trials...April 2005 PDF Icon
  • Problematic DNR orders, Malpractice frustration, Abuse of nurses...October 2004 PDF Icon
  • Determining patient capacity, Bodies for sale, Hospital policy watch...April 2004 PDF Icon
  • RX promotion, Supreme Court and The ADA, CT scan or CT scam, Artificial nutrition...September 2002 PDF Icon
  • Health care proxy, Kissing cousins, Hospitalized prisoners, It's ethical, but is it legal...Summer 2002 PDF Icon
  • Can patients refuse a transplant, AIDS vaccine, Sex selection, Genetic testing, Jehovah's Witnesses refusal...November 2001 PDF Icon
  • HIV children forced to take meds, Baby banking, Euthanasia legalized, Joined at birth, separated by law...February 2001 PDF Icon
  • Weighing "clear and convincing evidence," Human eggs for sale, DNA mapping, Protecting basic human rights...October 2000 PDF Icon
  • Can she handle the news, Supreme Court agrees, Gene therapy experiments halted, Minding the gap...May 2000 PDF Icon