Patricia M. Kane, PhD

Patricia Kane, PhD
Chair & Professor

The central goals of scientists in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department are to research fundamental mechanisms in cells and organisms at the molecular level and to train the next generation of scientists. Our research improves human health by providing new knowledge about the molecular basis of health and disease and suggesting new therapies. Read more...


NIH Grants

5R01GM056189-11AMBERG, DAVID Regulation of Actin Dynamics
5R01GM074992-02 AMBERG, DAVID Toward a Complete Genetic Description of the Yeast Actin Cytoskeleton
5R01EY018421-04CALVERT, PETER Mechanisms of signal-dependent photoreceptor protein localization and transport
2R01AG023731-06A2CHEN, XIN JIE Aging-Related Mitochondrial Degeneration and Degenerative Diseases
1F31EY020114-01A1CHOI, RENE Y Fate of In Vitro Generated Retinal Progenitors in the Mature Eye
5R01CA140522-02COSGROVE, MICHAEL Molecular Mechanisms for the Assembly and Regulation of the MLL1 Core Complex
5R01GM083088-03DUNCAN, THOMAS Energy Coupling and Regulation in the ATP Synthase of E. Coli
3R01GM08388-01A2S1DUNCAN, THOMAS Energy Coupling and Regulation in the ATP Synthase of E. Coli
4R00GM081378-03FENG, WENYI Single Stranded DNA: The Genome's Achilles Heel
3R01GM055108-13S1HANES, STEVEN D. Yeast ESS1, A Conserved Pplase Essential for Mitosis
5R01GM050322-17KANE, PATRICIA Subunit Structure and Function in Vacuolar H+-ATPases
7R21CA125398-03KERR, WILLIAM The Kinomes of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
1R01HL107127-01KERR, WILLIAM Chemical Inhibition of SHIP1 to facilitate allogeneic bone marrow transplantation
5R01HL072523-08KERR, WILLIAM Role of SHIP in NK Cell Biology
5R01L085580-03KERR, WILLIAM SHIP and Immunoregulatory Cell Function
5R01EY011256-11KNOX, BARRY Structure/Function of Short Wavelength Visual Pigments
5R01EY012975-09KNOX, BARRY Molecular Mechanisms of Photoreceptor Function
3R01EY011256-09S1KNOX, BARRY Structure/Function of Short Wavelength Visual Pigments
5R21DC009325-02KNOX, BARRY Toward a High Resolution Structure of An Olfactory Receptor
5R21AI068440-02LOH, STEWART Targeted Destruction of HIV and HIV-Infected Cells by an Engineered Ribonuclease
5R01GM069755-06LOH, STEWART Mutually Exclusive Protein Folding
5R01AT004332-03PERL, ANDRAS Treatment of SLE with N-Acetylcysteine
5R01AI072648-04PERL, ANDRAS Metabolic Control of Systemic Autoimmunity
5R01AI048079-07PERL, ANDRAS Genetic and Immunological Impact of the HRES-1/RAB4 Lucos in SLE
1R01DK078922-01A2PERL, ANDRAS Pathogenesis and Treatment of Liver Disease in Transaldolase Deficiency
5R01EY013167-10PIGNONI, FRANCESCA Genetic Control of Eye Specification
5R01EY017097-04PIGNONI, FRANCESCA Role of Microphthalmia/MITF Factor in Eye Development
5R01GM063798-08SCHMITT, MARK Control of the cell cycle by mRNA degradation
3R56EY000667-34SOLESSIO, EDUARDO Metabolic Modulation of Vision
3R01GM058600-08S1WILKENS, STEPHAN Structure of the Vacuolar ATPase
5R01GM058600-09WILKENS, STEPHAN Structure of the Vacuolar ATPase
5R01EY017964-04ZUBER, MICHAEL Genetic Regulatory Network Controlling Vertebrate Eye Formation

National Science Foundation (NSF)

MCP-11115681 HANES, STEVEN Role of ESS1 in Control of RNA Polymerase II