Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Graduate Students & PostDocs

Graduate Students

Dimitra Aggeli - Amberg Lab -
Subhrajit Banerjee - Kane Lab -
Adam Blanden - Loh Lab -
Maria Camargo - Middleton Lab -
Sergio Couoh-Cardel - Wilkens Lab -
Matthew Craft - Loh Lab -
Darin Dolezal - Pignoni Lab -
Cherry Mae Ignacio - Middleton Lab -
Joshua Karchin - Loh Lab -
Thuy La - Chen Lab -
Yaxin Liu - Chen Lab -
Zahra Motahari - Zuber Lab -
Zachary Oaks - Perl Lab -
Jie Peng - Feng Lab -
MD Shafiuddin - Schmitt Lab -
Naman Shah - Duncan Lab -
Stuti Sharma - Wilkens Lab -
Stephen Shinsky - Cosgrove Lab -
Nicholas Stam - Wilkens Lab -
Swetha Devi Velivela - Kane Lab -
Lala Zafreen - Berry Lab -
Huimei (Janet) Zheng - Loh Lab -

Post Docs

Nilda Alicea-Velazquez - Cosgrove Lab -
Remigiusz Arnak - Feng Lab -
Mehdi Najafi - Calvert Lab -
Rebecca Oot - Wilkens Lab -


Heba Diab and Sheena Claire Li, PhD students in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, use the yeast model system to study basic cell functions. Yeast enzymes are similar to human enzymes, which makes yeast a popular tool among researchers.

SUNY Upstate's Biochemistry and Molecular Biology students have a time-consuming advantage—the Virtek pinning robot that transfers individual yeast mutants from one plate to another to test their responses. "It's a nice way to get a lot of data quickly, so you can spend time addressing the major question behind the experiment," said Deb, who studies oxidative stress in cells.

Biochemistry students are at the front end of translational research, conducting the basic science that can lead to treatments for diseases such as osteoporosis and cancer.