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Meet Our Residents

Two Residents on the job.

What Our Residents are Saying

Iqbal, Shaigan

"Training in anesthesiology at Upstate University provides residents with some of the most diverse clinical experiences one can have in a three-year program. One of the biggest benefits I’ve found in our program is that we rotate through 4 different hospitals, all in very close proximity to each other, giving us contact to a variety of different attendings from different institutions, all of whom practice anesthesiology differently. This lets us experience multiple different techniques and add these tools to our own practice of anesthesia. Our home base, SUNY Upstate Medical University, is where we have exposure to some of the most complex cases, ranging from emergent traumas to extremely difficult airways, with great case numbers in all fields of anesthesiology. We transition into pediatrics in our very first year of training, much earlier than most programs across the country. We also rotate at the Brigham and Women’s L&D floor in Boston, which is the premier obstetric anesthesiology center in the world. We spend a few months in private practice settings, and a few in the VA, all of which differ from the University setting where we spent most of our time. When we rotate through these outside locations, their anesthesiologists are consistently impressed with our comfort in the operating room and ability to take care of patients. As our hospital has expanded and started performing even more cardiac and thoracic cases, the complexity of our anesthetic management has increased, and our comfort level with these cases has also significantly increased. When choosing a residency training program, choose one that challenges you and allows you the ability to become the best physician you can be. For me, SUNY Upstate is that program."
—Shaigan Iqbal, Class of 2019

Sewaris, Mark

"The residency training program at SUNY Upstate is both vigorous and rewarding- hard work combined with complex cases, multi bound sick patients, and a wide scope of anesthetic and medical decisions for management. The training more than adequately prepares for independent practice. I found the experience incredibly rewarding, both inside and outside the operating room. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists (NYSSA), something I was proud to do while serving as the Resident Editor of the NYSSA Sphere Newsletter. I covered a wide range of topics in my writing including the opioid epidemic and the academic achievements of our faculty, both in research and at national anesthesiology meetings. The program also allows time to volunteer at the NYSSA booth, hosted at the New York State Fair. This annual event boasts incredible food, world class performing artists, and an opportunity to teach the community the importance of physician-led Anesthesia care."
— Mark Saweris, MD-Class of 2018


"The residents at Upstate provide care to the most complex adult and pediatric patients in the region. The valuable skills acquired from this training allow for a smooth transition into life after residency. The residents are also tight-knit and enjoy taking part in all of the outdoor activities that beautiful CNY has to offer."
—Indervir Grewal, MD - Class of 2017

urbiziondo, ned

"I selected SUNY Upstate Medical University for my Anesthesiology training due to the breadth of case exposure in the OR and the teaching commitment of their prestigious faculty. As a private practice Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Specialist, I can confidently state that the training, guidance, and mentorship that I received at SUNY Upstate truly prepared me for my demanding career. The faculty, staff, and administrators within the Anesthesiology Department genuinely care for their residents and constantly strive to properly prepare their future graduates to succeed as compassionately safe, technically skilled, and confidently independent physician specialists."
— Ned Urbiztondo, MD-Class of 2016


"The volume and complexity of cases we encountered at Upstate were so helpful in making us feel comfortable with many different types of anesthesia and patient population. I am proud to be an alumnus of Upstate."
—Minji Cho, MD-Class of 2015

Stevie Surrett

"The clinical training I've received at upstate has given me the knowledge and confidence to head out to practice knowing how to manage any situation. There's a real bonding amongst the residents which eases the progression through residency."
—Steven Surrett, MD - Class of 2015

Ammar Alamarie

"At Upstate, the transition into training is eased by continued didactic lectures and operating room simulation. Many residents develop into strong clinicians, and we have a great track record in regards to placement into private practice, academia, and fellowship placement at top institutions. The residents at Upstate have great camaraderie amongst each other and with the faculty. This is why I chose Upstate. Moreover, you get to experience all four seasons here in Syracuse and there are many outdoor activities to get involved in."
—Ammar Alamarie, MD - Class of 2015

Russell Bell
"I chose SUNY Upstate because of the commitment that I saw in the medical staff to provide the best in medical care and resident training.
—Russell Bell, MD - Class of 2010

There is a culture here that expects one to perform at their best and to improve on a daily basis. This culture extends to the attending anesthesiologists who are expected to work hard preparing the residents to succeed.

The result is a residency program that will prepare me to handle with exceptional skill any case that comes my way. The routine participation in trauma and complex neurosurgical, cardiothoracic, and general surgery cases in both adult and pediatric operating rooms has allowed me to rapidly develop skills and progress as an anesthesiology resident.

Looking back over the past year, the residency program has provided me an incredible clinical experience and training that has exceeded my expectations. I will graduate from SUNY Upstate an exceptionally skilled and confident anesthesiologist eager to manage the toughest cases".
—David Ball, DO - Class of 2009

"As a graduating anesthesiology resident, the thing that is most important is whether or not you will be able to survive the real world on your own. You want your residency training to encompass all aspects of anesthesiology and to give you enough exposure to different case scenarios so that when you're thrown a curve ball, you don't have to second guess yourself. You want to have a sense of confidence and the ability to make safe judgments when caring for your patients. I truly believe this program has given me the opportunity to gain that confidence, both clinically and didactically. During the past three years, I've had a wonderful experience at SUNY upstate and I'm quite confident my experience here will help me further reach my professional and academic goals in the years to come".
—Kevin Vakili, MD-Class of 2007

"I can clearly remember the operative case was a total vaginal hysterectomy, the entire OR was quiet, all eyes on me. It was my first case as an attending, one month post graduation. The induction and the anesthetic management was entirely my plan-what an experience! It became very clear at that time just how valuable my training at SUNY Upstate had been. I had the skills to apply the anesthetic knowledge I had been given but I also had the confidence in my role as an attending anesthesiologist in charge in the care of this patient. I had hit the ground running and have not looked back since".
—Peter Stubbs, MD-Class of 2006

Where Are Our Graduates

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Class of 2018

Pratik Desai, MD
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Nicholas Green, MD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Shaan Khan, MD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Xingfu Liang, MD
Anesthesia Critical Care Fellow
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, NH

Eric Michel, DO
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Shannon Michel, DO
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Daniele Parise, MD
Obstetrics Fellow
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Boston, MA

Benjamin Robelo, MD
Cayuga Anesthesia Associates
Cayuga, NY

Mark Saweris, MD
Private Practice in Upstate NY

Class of 2017

Natasa Grancaric, MD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Irem Kaplan, MD
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow
Washington University St. Louis Children’s Hospital
St. Louis, MO

Michelle Kromas, MD
Nassau University Medical Center
East Meadow, NY

Mark Neil Ledesma, MD
Anesthesia Critical Care Fellow
University of California- Irvine Medical Center
Orange, CA

Lu’ay Nubani, MBChB
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Yuvesh Passi, MBBS
First Colonies Anesthesia Associates
Fredrick Memorial Hospital
Fredrick, MD

Kyle Shilk, DO
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University
Syracuse, NY

Marwa Sidani, MD
UNC Medical Center
Chapel Hill, NC

Iker Unzalu, MD
Critical Care Fellow
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Jonathan Weaver, MD
Jackson-Madison General HospitalJackson, TN

Class of 2016

Manmeet BediMD
Arizona Heart Anesthesia
Scottsdale, AZ

Indervir GrewalMD
Pain Management Fellow
SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse, NY

Vanessa HoyMD
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow
University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland, OH

Matthew LilienMD
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow
Washington University St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, MO

Michael MillerDO
Pain Management Fellow
SUNY Upstate Medical University Syracuse, NY

Raghava PavoorMD
Crouse Hospital
Syracuse, NY

Marcus TholinMD
Anesthesia Critical Care Fellow
Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Uvie WhiteruMD
New Jersey

Class of 2015

Kola AfolabiMD
Private Practice
Atlanta, GA

Ammar Alamarie, MD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Minji Cho, MD
Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellow
Cincinati children's Hospital. Cincinnati, OH

Richard Dunn, MD

Millcreek Anesthesia
St. Mar's Hospital and Lone Peak Hospital Salt Lake City, UT

Christopher Fjotland, MD
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ

Marla MatalMD
Critical Care Fellowship
Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Brian McNiff, DO
St. Joseph's Hospital
Syracuse, NY

Lauren Moore, MD
Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellow  Albuquerque, NM

Erik QuiltyMD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University   Syracuse, NY

Rainier Ricanor, MD
Christ Hospital
Jersey City, NJ

Jaskaran Sawhney, MD
Orange Regional Medical Center
Middletown, NY

Steven SurrettMD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Samuel Vaselich, MD
Wayne Memorial Hospital
Goldsboro, NC

Mobeen Yousaf, MD
Critical Care Fellowship
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Class of 2014

Shruthi BalakrishnaMBBS
Private Practice
Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, NJ

Nurudin Cemer, DO
Private Practice
Oneida Community Hospital, Oneida,NY

Mohammed HamdaniMD
Private Practice
North Shore - LIJ at Franklin Hospital, Valley Tree, NY

Jeremy Lowry, MD
Private Practice
Global Anesthesia, AZ

Peter Ma, MD
Pediaric Anesthesia Fellow
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Raphael MarkMD
Advanced Clinical Fellowship
University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Shahryar Mousavi, MD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Ian Pratt, MD
Private Practice
Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC

Kathryn RosenblattMD
Faculty-Fellow,Neurosurgical Anesthesia
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Parikshith Sumathi, MD
Pain Management Fellow
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Ned Urbiztondo, MD
Private Practice
Auburn Community Hospital, Auburn, NY

Class of 2013

Upasna Bhuria, MD
Regional Anesthesia Fellow
Mayo clinic, Jacksonville, FL

Matthew D'Haenens, MD
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Jerome DoyenMD
Pain Fellow
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Erin Etoll, MD
Anesthesia Critical Care Fellow
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Glenn Flanagan, MD
Pain Fellow
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Meeta PatelMD
St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ

Balram Sharma, MD
Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia Fellow
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Xi Yang, MD
Pain Fellow
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY