Didactic Teaching

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CA-1 Resident Orientation

In July and August our program has an introductory orientation period for all new CA-1's which begins on their first day. During this time, new residents are given the opportunity to ease into their residency training and become familiar with the hospital.

Residents are introduced to anesthesia through:

  • An intensive series of classroom lectures
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Anesthesia computer simulation
  • OR orientation and weekly rotations through various anesthesia services

The goal of the orientation period is to rapidly increase the anesthesia knowledge base of the residents. It also allows for the new residents to become familiar with not only the hospital, but all the services that anesthesia provides outside of the OR.

The introductory series of weekly lectures provide CA-1 residents an overview of the field of Anesthesiology.  The lectures cover material that is rquired by the American Board of Anesthesiology.  July-August, the introductory lectures are 2-3x per week.  After Labor Day, these lectures are on Wednesdays through the end of June.

Wednesday Education Day for CA-1 (PGY2)/CA2 (PGY3)/CA-3 (PGY4) Residents

Our Education Day lectures begin in October and are held on Wednesdays through the end of June.  The lectures are held separately for CA-1 residents and with combined sessions for CA-2 and CA-3 residents.  Written Board Review Preparation is included in this series where Chief Residents run the sessions.  They are tailored to board review topics with MCQ and Key Word topics. Faculty members moderate and the CA-3 residents prepare the topics. Along with the board review we offer symposium discussions on various topics including:

  • Clinical case conference - clinically oriented stem questions
  • EBM based Journal clubs
  • Ethics, professionalism
  • Practice management, billing
  • Law in medicine and Regulatory Matters

The goal is to expose residents at all levels to not only clinical anesthesia scenarios, but also to topics outside the OR related to medicine.

Rotation Specific Lecture Series

Pediatric and cardiac anesthesia have an 8-week rotating lecture series that repeats itself every other month. Critical Care and OB also provide lectures within their rotations. Rotation specific Journal Clubs occur within these rotations.

Morbidity & Mortality/Grand Rounds Conference

M&M/Grand Rounds conference is held every Wednesday morning. The conferences typically entail a complicated or unique case presented by a resident and attending. Outside guest speakers and CA-3 Year Presentations are also included throughout the year.

Dissection Course

Unique to our program is the annual dissection course that is held every September. This course gives residents an overview of the body structure and systems. The Pain Management Director, Pain Attendings and Pain Fellows facilitate this course.

Mock Oral Exams

Mock orals are held in the fall and spring for all CA-2's and CA-3's. They allow for assessing the residents progress in knowledge base and clinical judgment. It also gives the residents an opportunity to refine their presentation and verbal organization skills. The residents get immediate feedback from faculty regarding their performance.

System Based Role for a Day Presentations

The CA-2 residents research and present their solutions to issues or problems that have or may occur within the health care system. The residents are asked to assume the role of a health care professional tasked with addressing the problem. These professionals are rarely anesthesiologists and so this exercise provides the resident and their audience an opportunity to explore the challenges that a non-anesthesiologist may face.