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What We Do

Our 2014-15 Donations & Activities included:

  • $30,000 to Upstate Regional Perinatal Center - Key recipient from the 17th Annual Mystery Malt & Merlot
  • $120,000 to hospital departments for grants
  • $34,500 in scholarships to youth volunteers as well as employees and adult volunteers pursuing careers in health-related fields
  • $10,000 to Nursing Recruitment & Retention; $6,500 to Hospital Week; $3,500 to Employee Recognition
  • $5,500 from golf proceeds to the Community Campus Psychiatric patient kitchen renovation
  • $2,200 to the Transitional Care Unit at Community – funds generated through Macy’s “Shop for a Cause”

Our 2014-2015 Activities included:

  • Sponsored Hospital Blood Drives – this year the Upstate community donated 1179 units of blood
  • Participated in service projects within the Hospital including Snowflake Central & dinners
  • Welcomed the Dazzle Boutique to the Upstate Cancer Center, a new EspressOasis in the main lobby of the Downtown Campus and Branches Gift Shop to the Community Campus.

In order to complete this ambitious agenda, funds were generated thru several means:

  • Commissions for hospital services – EspressOasis, Lori’s Gift Shop, TeleHealth (patient TV & telephones), Dazzle Cancer Center Boutique, vending machines, baby photographs and Morrison/Branches gift shop
  • Macy’s Shop for a Cause Passes
  • Fall Swing Golf Tournament
  • Our signature event, Mystery, Malt & Merlot
  • YOUR ongoing support through membership dues and donations
  • Online orders can now be placed for Lori's Gifts External Icon at the Downtown Campus.