Advocates Nellie Hurley Scholarship

Named after a former nurse at Community Campus who set up scholarships in the 1960's

The Advocates are offering Scholarships for UMU (all campuses) employees and volunteers 2014-2015

The Advocates for UMU scholarships for tuition assistance will be awarded to employees and adult volunteers who are pursuing studies in an accredited institution in any health- related field.  For 2014-15, scholarships will be awarded for the spring semester and fall semester.

Applicants must have been employed by or volunteered at UMU for a minimum of six months.

Applicants must have been accepted at an accredited institution in a health-related field.

To be considered for the scholarship, the application must be received in The Advocates office, room 1401E, 750 E. Adams Street, Syracuse, NY 13210 by July 1 (Fall Semester) and November 1 (Spring Semester).  If you apply for the Fall Semester, the Short Form may be submitted for the Spring Semester.

The Scholarship Committee will review applications and set up interviews (phone or in person) by August 1 and December 1.  

A check will be sent to the Bursar’s Office of the institution to which the applicant has been accepted at the beginning of the semesters.  Checks will not be sent to the recipient.