Andrew Cuomo visits Accelerator

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo visits the Biotech Accelerator in October 2012.


Businesses located at the Accelerator


BioSpherix image

BioSpherix manufactures the world's most advanced barrier isolators, surrounding and protecting GMP-compliant pre-clinical and clinical cell production processes.  The XVIVO barrier isolator is a less expensive and more flexible alternative to cleanrooms that is in use for cell production in FDA-and Health Canada-approved clinical trials.  Their Cytocentric technologic platform puts cells first to provide unbroken physiologically-relevant conditions throughout all cell incubation and handling steps.  BioSherix also manufactures oxygen control equipment for research laboratories worldwide.  BioSpherix brings a Total Quality Approach to cell culture for Stem Cells, Cellular Therapies, and Regenerative Medicine. 

For more information contact:  Alicia Henn, PhD MBA, Chief Scientific Officer  youtube External Icon

The Accelerator focuses on technologies related to the lifesciences and the environment. Examples include:

Biomedical Biotech
Pharmaceutical therapeutics Renewable energy
Medical devices Alternative fuel
Stem cell applications Biomass and Renewable Products
Diagnostics Bio and Chemical Sensor Development
Large and small molecule work Cleantech
Medical processes Bio Industrial

Located for Success

CNY Biotech Accelerator clients enjoy easy access to three universities and four hospitals. Other near neighbors, include other incubator sites and the headquarters of MedTech, the hub of the region's bioscience and medical technology industry. Syracuse is New York's fourth-largest city with an educated workforce and an affordable standard of living.